Communication equals Understanding

Having delivered translation and interpreting services since 1995 both to companies and to individuals –in the widest array of events and industries-, I have realised that the customers not only expect a service that is flawless in terms of technical accuracy, but they also need human warmth.

Enabling communication between speakers of different languages not only requires a full command of both by the translator or interpreter but also their capacity to become invisible, thus creating such a degree of closeness between the parties that they may come to feel they are speaking the same language…

The current market offers services of an excellent technical quality, there being no major differences in price ranges. So the question is: what makes the difference? The distinguishing feature is that very few have gone the extra mile to ensure that users are utterly pleased and satisfied.

DyR comes therefore into existence as the combination of technical quality with fair prices and, most importantly, with the human involvement that set the mere right decoding of words apart from communication at every level.